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Google will automatically blur out sexually explicit images.

The widespread availability of technology has made porn more accessible than ever before, with it just a few clicks away at any moment, anywhere. This, combined with the affordability and anonymity of internet porn, has fueled a culture of online sexual consumerism, constant sexual novelty, and instant gratification. As a result, porn use, including among children, has become more widespread and socially acceptable than ever before.

It is important to note that mainstream online porn has become a significant influence on sexual norms and behaviors. A recent study found that 12% of the video titles on the largest mainstream porn sites in the UK, such as Pornhub, XVideos, and Xhamster, contained content that constituted sexual violence. Much of this material may have depicted real-life sexual assaults and non-consensual distribution of sexually explicit content. Consequently, children who access these sites are being exposed to sexually violent porn from a young age, influencing their attitudes and behaviors towards sex.

Pornography has a devastating effect on many users, who develop a compulsive need to consume it, leading to disruptions and harm to their personal and professional lives.

Moreover, research indicates that performers in the porn industry often suffer severe psychological and physical harm due to their involvement. Many come from backgrounds of sexual abuse or enter the industry due to financial desperation, and leaving it can be extremely challenging as the stigma of being associated with porn can linger and impact them for the rest of their lives.

PACT has a strict stance against the depiction of porn, regardless of whether it is blurred or not. Such visuals have a negative impact on the brain and can encourage harmful thoughts.

The organization believes that porn serves as a stepping stone to child sex trafficking. As such, PACT believes that all forms of porn, including blurred or animated versions, should be banned.

Furthermore, PACT is concerned about the increasing prevalence of pornographic manga and anime that feature children in explicit sexual acts. These comics often depict young girls with exaggerated sexual features, even though their faces may resemble those of minors. As a result, many countries have banned these materials as a form of exploitation of minors, even if the characters are fictional.

In conclusion, porn is a destructive social influence that undermines relationships, limits the sexual freedom and self-worth of its users, and dehumanizes those used to create it.

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