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SACT International: Uniting to End Child Trafficking and Exploitation Worldwide

Our mission is to protect children and prevent trafficking on a global scale through education, empowerment, and collaboration.

At SACT, we recognize that child trafficking is a global issue that requires a united and coordinated effort. SACT International is dedicated to working with international organizations and communities to create a world where every child is safe from trafficking and exploitation.

International Partnership |  PACT International

International Partnerships

SACT collaborates with organizations worldwide to spread awareness, share resources, and empower communities to take action against child trafficking. By joining forces, we can develop effective strategies and create lasting change.

Education and Training |  PACT International

Education and Training

We believe that education is the key to prevention. SACT International provides resources, training, and support to schools, communities, and organizations around the world, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to combat trafficking and exploitation.

Advocacy and Awareness |  PACT International

Advocacy and Awareness

Through advocacy and awareness campaigns, SACT International raises the profile of child trafficking as a critical global issue that demands urgent attention and action. We work to mobilize individuals, organizations, and governments to take a stand against trafficking and exploitation.

Get Involved

  • Partner with SACT International

    • Together, we can share resources, expertise, and support to create a safer world for all children. If your organization is dedicated to ending child trafficking and exploitation, consider partnering with SACT

  • Support SACT International Initiatives

    • Your donations enable us to continue our work and reach even more communities worldwide. Help us expand our global impact by supporting SACT.

  • Spread the Word

    • Raise awareness about child trafficking and exploitation by sharing PACT Global's mission and resources with your network. Every voice matters in the fight against this global crisis.

Partnering with PACT |  PACT International

SACT Thailand

Partnership with For Freedom International (FFI)

In late 2021, PACT and FFI partnered with the goal of training 15,000 Thai students in child trafficking prevention.

SACT Prevention Training for Thai Students

In the Summer of 2022, our SACT Prevention Training was translated into Thai and culturally adapted, allowing us to reach Thai students and increase the impact and relevance of the training.

If you are in Thailand and would like to join the fight against child trafficking, register for our SACT Prevention Training today.

Join the Movement in Thailand

Unique and Valuable Training for German Youth

SACT's peer-to-peer training program provides a crucial and accessible resource for German students to learn about the dangers of human trafficking and acquire tools to combat it.

Empowering Students to Protect Themselves and Their Communities

With the support of local partners, SACT aims to spread awareness and empower German youth to detect, defend, and disrupt child trafficking in their communities.

Support the Germany Project

Help us expand our reach and provide SACT courses to students across Germany by supporting our Germany Campaign.

Germany Project |  PACT International

SACT Germany

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For more information about PACT Global, our initiatives, or how to get involved, please reach out to us. We look forward to working together in the fight against child trafficking and exploitation.

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