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Madison Edwards

SACT Executive Director

In her 8th-grade year, Madison, amid experiencing bullying herself, founded the "Bully Busters" club at her middle school. Through this initiative, Madison provided a safe space for students to come together, and advocate against bullying, ultimately reshaping the school's environment and trajectory regarding this issue.

Her dedication to service persisted through her years at First Coast High School, where she immersed herself in Interact and held the role of secretary. Additionally, Madison was active in the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta, where she tutored underclassmen in math. Ms. Edwards also competed in Varsity Softball, Varsity Weightlifting, and Varsity Bowling. During her junior year, after being prompted by a Rotary member and physics teacher, Mr. Richard Black, Madison evaluated the SACT (Students Against Child Trafficking) training program. After taking the training, she was struck by the reality of child trafficking, and realizing that she even as a student could take action, she established a SACT Ambassador Program at her school as a service project within the Interact Club and National Honor Society. Through this endeavor, she was able to raise awareness and empower her peers to combat trafficking and exploitation in their community.

Upon graduating in 2023, despite numerous college offers, Madison knew her impact with SACT was more important so she continued her work with SACT as an intern. Swiftly ascending to Director of SACT Programs and eventually to the role of Executive Director, her unwavering commitment to PACT's mission—Not One More Victim—guides her leadership in overseeing global SACT Training Programs. Beyond her professional pursuits, Madison remains is an active member of the Downtown Rotaract Jax Club, continuing her journey of service locally and internationally alongside the Rotary Club of North Jacksonville.

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