PACT Training Programs

How to prevent child trafficking and take action in ways that matter.    

Benefits of our training programs

Unique and irreplaceable.

For Students, By Students

Our courses are created and presented by student peers who are eager to share important knowledge and skills that they have learned from Partners Against Child Trafficking.

Subjects That Matter

The topics that we discuss in our courses are serious matters that should not be taken lightly. Often topics like these are avoided, but we understand the importance of addressing these issues head-on.

Action-Based Information

More than just being lectures, our courses are action-based, meaning that we give students clear steps and actions on how they can help in their own life.
We are talking about REAL lives.

This is bigger than us...

There are 3.8 MILLION victims of sex trafficking around the world today. This isn't a little issue, this isn't a back-of-the-mind thought. Child sex trafficking is something that needs to be talked about, something that needs to be PREVENTED, not dismissed as taboo.

At PACT we create awareness and train students how to prevent trafficking from happening in the first place. These skills are important, and not something to be hushed up.

Our courses

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Supporting PACT's Mission

PACT is a non-profit organization that runs off of donations in order to create products such as these training courses. If you would like to help support PACT in our mission of creating child trafficking awareness, please consider donating below.

We appreciate every cent that is given to this cause, and do our best to translate your donations into tangible differences in our community.
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